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Bighorn Studio

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Bighorn Studio is an international audio-visual collective created in 2014. Its members come from different backgrounds, have different skills, experiences and ideas, but are all animated by the same desire to protect Mother Nature. They believe in the power of images as a mean to convey conservation challenges as well as share constructive potential solutions.


If audio-visual qualifies Bighorn Studio, love, respect and curiosity for nature is what unites its members. It is with nature at heart that they collaborate and express themselves, whether it is through pictures or films, books and art pieces, or expositions and projections.

Bighorn Studio aims to raise awareness about nature-related issues and has conducted different conservation films and photography projects around the world, from Belgium to Central Africa and Indonesia.


The collective is based in Belgium but its members are international and spread around the world where the stories await to be told.


Meet the members of Bighorn Studio

Simon, 28 years,
foundateur of Bighorn Studio,
filmmaker, photographer,
MaSc, nature guide, communication
Oria, 28 years, Belgium,
wildlife conservation leader, sound recorder, scenarist
Quentin, 26 years,
photographer, filmmaker, engineer, voice over
Harry, 22 years,
wildlife filmmaker
Gaël, 31years,
Luca Verducci.png
Luca, 35 years, Italy
UWE Bristol Ma in wildlife filmmaking
Ina, 22 years,
Indonesia collaborator, translator
Matt, 25 years, England, 
Wildlife conservation documentary researcher, photographer, editer
Kynan, 14years,
 Indonesia, filmmaker
How to help?

Most of the time, due to the nature of our activities, we have to self-fund our projects. It is only thanks to individual donnors and small sponsorships that we manage to keep running our projects.


You can now help Bighorn Studio by sponsoring its projects with a monthly donation or a occasional tip. 

Click here to help us!

Friends of Bighorn Studio

Bighorn Studio's members are closely related with the belgian's Naturalist official Circle (Cercle des Naturalistes de Belgique). The CNB have been gathering for 50 years a lot of people passionate by nature. Discover their website here.

Bighorn Studio is also a member of the non lucrative organization Cap Expe. It is a community which promotes adventure and (sporty or not) expeditions through sharing experiences and equipment. Cap Expe helped Bighorn Studio with gear problems when we had to go to the primary forest of Central African Republic for the shooting of our documentary "Dzanga Sangha: paradis en péril", in 2015.

The pictures and videos on this website are Bighorn Studio's property. All rights reserved. No picture nor video can be printed or used without the written authorization of one of Bighorn Studio's official member.

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